IBM Netfinity 3000

When I was about the purchase this machine there was little or no information to be found on the web about this particular machine. With this page I intend to fill that void.

IBM Netfinity 3000 front
IBM Netfinity 3000 back
IBM Netfinity 3000 inside

1. Hardware

The IBM Netfinity 3000 was built upon one the most rock solid chipsets ever built. The legendary Intel i440BX, which provides AGP/PCI/ISA/IDE/USB support.

1.1. Processor

An Intel Pentium III provides a strong CPU. It's a normal Pentium III with 256KB cache. It's cooled by a reasonably large heatsink. It's rated PR776 (estimate).

1.2. Memory

The box I bought has 256MB of Toshiba pc100 ECC SDRAM. Which ofcourse was IBM branded.

1.3. VGA

Being a server, allows the Netfinity to do just fine with a mediocre display adapter. It has a S3 Trio 64 3D onboard. Along with a whoping 4MB of Video RAM.

1.4. SCSI

SCSI facilities are present in this IBM machine. They are provided by a popular Adaptec PCI card (which ofcourse is IBM branded). IBM included a Adaptec 2490U2B scsi card. Providing a 80MB/sec transfer rate. With both one external and one internal SCSI3 connector of the 68 pins variety.

1.5. Ethernet

The Netfinity has a Intel PRO 10/100 interface onboard. Powered by the Intel i82557 chip. It's a fine ethernet card, with great support on almost any operating system.

1.6. Sound

IBM provides sound still through it's ISA bus. On which you can find a Crystal Sound 4248 card. Nothing fancy, but it's Windows Sound System compatible.

1.7. Harddisk

IBM used one of it's own harddisk drives. It has an IBM UltraStar 18ES (LVD). It spins at 7200rpm and along with it's 2MB cache, it provides the user with a 18MB/sec sustained throughput. The drive has an accesstime of 7ms.

1.8. CD-ROM

The Netfinity is equiped with a very silent CD-ROM drive supplied by LG. The CRD-8400B is a 40X drive. Sadly it might be one of those drives with buggy firmware. I haven't been able to determine this for certain. errata.

1.9. Power Supply

It's literally powered by a 330W AcBel power supply.

2. Software

2.1 PC Doctor

IBM has licensed a great diagnostic utility called PC Doctor. It can be downloaded from the IBM website here.

3. Operating Systems

OpenBSD 3.5 dmesg
ToaLinux 3.0 (u2) dmesg
Solaris 9 x86 (04/04) dmesg
Gentoo Linux 2004.1 dmesg
SuSE Linux 9.1 Personal dmesg
Gentoo Hardened Linux 2004.2 dmesg